Dr. Stephen Gipson, MD

Dr. Stephen Gipson, MD

Dr. Stephen Gipson began practice in the field of Interventional Pain Medicine in 1984. He pioneered the use of spinal cord stimulation in Memphis. Dr. Gipson studied at St. Georges University School of Medicine and completed his training in Southampton England. After graduation as a Medical Doctor, he began a residency in Family Medicine and later changed to Anesthesiology at the University of Tennessee.

From the outset, Dr. Gipson was only interested in the practice of Interventional Pain Medicine and began his practice before the term even existed. Now focused on the spine, Dr. Gipson and his staff strive to find the exact cause of the pain problem and determine the best way to eliminate the suffering. Now in practice for more than thirty years in the field, Dr. Gipson is a seasoned expert in spine pain treatment.

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The Collection

I have been an avid World War II historian since childhood. The first plane I ever saw, a Stearman, just riveted me with excitement and has never stopped. Today I own a 1944 Stearman just like the first one I saw. I have flown many different airplanes but the ones I have liked the most were the WWII vintage ones. I have many hours in a Stearman, T6, T28 and P51 Mustang.

Likewise, my office is covered wall to wall with historical depictions of the WWII experience. Each office is named after a famous pilot with paintings within that tell that soldier’s story. I had the pleasure to treat many of our WWII veterans over the years and took notes of their service and the marvelous stories they told of service to our nation.

There are over 75 paintings and nearly 100 models on display for the enjoyment of all who come to Spine Specialty Center. In addition, there are numerous artifacts on display as well. If for no other reason please come to ponder the collection and share stories of yourself or family that have served our country. All are welcome, they are here for everyone to enjoy.